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Once again, Clemmons Park will be teeming with activity through living history encampments.

Clemmons Park, 16th and Luther Sts.

Friday, July 14, Noon-9p.m.,
Saturday, July 15, 9a.m.-9p.m.,
Sunday, July 16, 9a.m.-4p.m.

Special Friday Event

9 A.M. Flag Raising

Special Saturday Events

10:00 am – History of the American Flag: “From Betsy Ross to Today,” learn the history of the flag we fly. Presentation by Ed Molte
Noon-5p.m. – Butter Churning Demonstrations
Noon-5p.m. – Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstrations
11a.m., 1p.m. & 3p.m. – Cowboy Action Shooters
3p.m. – Civil War Artillery Demonstration
4p.m. – Military Fire Power Demonstration


Union and Confederate Camps
• Fremont Pathfinders (Union)
• Moss Elliot Display of Civil War Weaponry (one of the largest private displays in the Midwest) – Sponsored by Mel’s Diner and Mac’s Cafe
Buckskinner and Trader Camps (1803-1840 era fur trader encampments)
• working camps with authentic trade goods (cookware, dresses, shirts, leather goods, kids toys, powder horn drinkware, jewelry and lots more available for purchase!)
Cowboy Camp – see how Cowboys of the late 1800s lived on the trail
1800’s era working Blacksmith’s
Barbed Wire Display – Evolution of barb wire and its use on the plains
Calvary Saddle Display – Civil War thru the Indian Wars approx. 1860-1890’s
Indian Camp with 18 foot tepee
Hawk Throw – Tomahawk throwing demonstration, try hitting the target with an authentic tomahawk!
Bowmaker – Crafter of handmade bows
Indian Fry Bread Taco and Food Stand
WWII Camp – Military Historical display
• Vehicles, tents, uniforms, weapons and equipment plus a great display of miniatures that kids and adults will love! Also a US Calvary display covering 1860-1940
Medieval and Renaissance Society Encampment – Hands on History and Learning in 11 encampments
• Blacksmithing
• Silversmithing and Jewelry Making
• Spinning and Weaving
• Ropemaking
• Pottery, Leather Working and Basket Weaving
• Armor and Weapons Display
• Baking and Open Fire Cooking
• Honey making
• Much More! Come experience history with your own hands!
• Sleeping Buffalo Tannery – including rare white buffalo display and hides and furs for sale
• Pet Watering Hole available for your four legged friends!

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