Forging a new path

The time has come to summon our many benefactors to again support our townʼs annual festival. Through your donations and the hundreds of hours donated by many in Fremont, our festival, slated for July 14 – 16, continues to thrive.

This year, our board will add a new twist to the festival by highlighting some of our non-profits that play a key role in our community. Through shining a light on the many groups that serve the less fortunate, we hope to celebrate and enhance all weekend events. Look for some attractions in the park honoring organizations that provide for the needs of many in Dodge County.

Aship of the plains

How about a covered wagon being filled with non-perishable food for Low Income Ministry?

You may spot a sod house being constructed, highlighting the work of Habitat for Humanity.

On the Chautauqua stage, a Battle of the Bands, showcasing local talent, will compete for “cash votes” from the audience! These funds will be designated for The Hope, Fremontʼs youth center.

We will feature our festival favorites too! Pop into the childrenʼs games on Midland campus, enjoy the amazing Clemmons Park re-enactors, view our great downtown car show, celebrate homegrown Chautauqua entertainment and park that lawn chair for viewing our awesome Sunday parade! And thatʼs just the beginning of the fun being planned!

Our Board would like to acknowledge the contributions of Jeff Hoffman, who served as executive director for the festival for ten years and as an active participant on the board since 1989. With his resignation this winter, we have vowed to continue the festival, building upon the successes he created. Our thanks to Jeff for the thousands of hours he has given to John C. Fremont Days.

Will you, the good of citizens of Fremont, support our festival this year?

Please contribute to support this city-wide celebration honoring John C. Fremont, a man with a vision for our great country. Through his mapmaking skills, he created a guidebook for the future of American expansion. As we continue to redraw the map of our growing city, let us continue to mold and celebrate the vision of our future.

Thank you for your support. Please know that volunteer opportunities abound during the festival. Check out our website: As always, we welcome suggestions as we anticipate John C. Fremont Days, 2017!

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  1. Dear John C Fremont Days folks,
    I have 2 people who would like to have entries in the Sunday Parade if still available. Also information on the car show if possible. Thank you, Skip Brown
    402 680 5747

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